Company manufactures all kinds of belts that can resist the high temperatures until 1100°C as well as low temperatures up to - 40°C which is made from the finest materials like stainless steel, high resistance carbon steel, galvanized steel.



   Belt-Egypt: Is a productive Company working in field of wire belts under the economic regime of the Arab republic of Egypt. The company had been established in 1964 in the end of the last century and still working in the (Steel Conveyor Belting) for many years, till we specialized in some kinds of wire belts.

 In the seventy where the openness economic era came and the industrial cities and modern production lines spread all over Egypt which works by metal conveyor belts, our company develop itself quickly to suits the industrial development worldwide in the field of the row material and industrial technology, until it becomes the biggest and only company in Egypt and also the biggest supplier for all production lines in Egypt and the nations African and Arab Nations.